Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful;
they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.
— Luther Burbank, Botanist

About Us

Based in Sydney, Australia, FloraFolk is a boutique floral design studio that
crafts fresh and natural botanic arrangements for weddings and events from sea to countryside.


Meet Becca

Becca Caves, Head Floral Designer created FloraFolk with a passion for flowers, plants, art, travelling, gardens, the sea and all things nature.

This passion for creativity and nature was strongly influenced from growing up in a very creative family, painting alongside her grandfather and being surrounded by the beautiful seaside garden created by her Mum, an avid gardener.

With a background and degree in art and design and a strong connection to nature Becca pursued her career in event floral design.

After working for some of Sydney’s leading florists on large scale events ‘FloraFolk’ became it’s own creating exciting floral designs and installations for the most exciting weddings, events and editorial.





Privileged to work with products of nature we feel it is our responsibility to continuously make improvements to reduce our footprint on the environment.

Apart from general day to day sustainable practices we try our best to work primarily with the finest locally grown and seasonal materials, to encourage flowers to be taken home by guests after a wedding and any excess waste we recycle into vegetation to be made into garden mulch.

We also no longer work with single use plastic green ‘floral foam’ which is composed of hazardous chemicals formaldehyde and phenol and micro-plastics that end up as non-biodegradable waste in our waterways and landfills





For those looking for a more collaborative process & custom designs.



Our tailored packages for those looking for a more simple process.


A portfolio featuring a small selection of our work for weddings and events.


The flowers looked just stunning! I got a lot of positive feedback from everyone on the day but the most comments were definitely on the flowers. Everyone absolutely loved them!!
— Jessie and Mike



Contact Us

We’d love to hear from you!

P: 0406 755 880

E: hello@florafolk.com.au

FloraFolk studio will be closed until April 18th 2019.

Please still send through your enquiry and someone will be in touch when the studio reopens.

Bookings available for event dates from September 2019.

Photo by Amelia Gross

Photo by Amelia Gross

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