Wedding FAQs


Some commonly asked questions that may be helpful in your wedding planning...


How far in advance do I need to book?

For larger weddings we recommend booking at least 6-12 months prior to your wedding date.

For smaller wedding orders or bridal party orders at least 3 months in advance is good notice but hit us up and we will see if we have availability to help you out. 

How much do wedding flowers cost?

We work with the most beautiful fine blooms and unique materials, often flowers people have never seen before so our prices at the more premium end of flowers. But it varies greatly depending on the planning, design, size, materials and labor to create your designs. 

You also need make sure you consider delivery, installation and  late night pack down costs into your budget, usually we will need a two vans or a truck, ladders and a team of 2-3 florists for an entire two days to create and install a wedding.

A pack down after an event can also take a whole day to dispose of excess vegetation.

Do you have a minimum spend?

Due to the high quality of flowers, service and limited bookings we take per season our weddings have a minimum spend of $2000 plus your delivery and installation costs. 

If you are just wanting to order bridal party flowers our minimum order is $650. Pick up or delivery available.



Where do you recommend we focus our budget for the florals?

Beautiful bouquets as they will feature in your photos, your ceremony arbour or alter installation, again a photo feature and guests love getting pictures underneath too, a statement entrance arrangement at your reception as that will be the first thing to greet your guests and thank them for coming, something special for the bridal table.


I really have no idea what my budget is for flowers, what if the quote comes in well over my budget?

We totally understand that it is hard to know where to start, it is always helpful for us to have an approximate guide of what your budget range and ideas are from the start, that way we can be upfront as to whether what you are looking for is achievable. 

We also try and provide a couple of options to be considered, sometimes people fall in love with an idea and are happy to invest a little extra than they originally planned but we are always happy to work with you to provide alternate recommendations and options. And please if you can, let  us know if you have decided not to go ahead with a quote, there won't be hard feelings, we do understand and always appreciate the courtesy and honest feedback.

What days can we book in for a personal consultation?

As we are normally working on weddings Fridays - Sundays we hold our consultations Tuesdays - Thursdays, through Winter we may have some Friday and Saturday availability. We can also accommodate with phone and Skype consultations.