NYC Botanic Garden in the Bronx

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Even though my 6th time back to New York I still hadn’t crossed the gardens in the Bronx off my list of places to explore. I don’t know what it is about New York why have such a connection to it. Each time when I’m there I’m constantly plotting how I can move there and when I leave I want to go back instantly. Perhaps it’s on the cards for me one day.

I love when you don’t have any expectations or much insight of a place you visit and then you are swept off your feet when you see it. It’s quite often that I purposely choose not to look too much into somewhere I go because I prefer to just discover and explore when I’m there, wander the streets or ride my bike everywhere.  

To get to the gardens you can take the 2 train on the westside from Manhattan up to 174th St in the Bronx, from there you need to hop on a 10 minute bus, it should be your last stop. It’s about $20 USD to get in and is worth every cent.

The Enidt A. Haput Conservatory is phenomenal, big glass dome roof with different passage ways off to tropical gardens, cactus gardens, waterlilly ponds, and then the Impressionism garden which is coming up in my next post. Also not widely known but the garden is also home to the country’s greatest collection of botanical books - The Mertz Library, founded in 1899. It is AMAZING. This place really is one of the cities best hidden treasures, off the map but it’s definitely worth going. Plant lover or not.