Brooke and Mark



The first thing that came to mind when Brooke asked me to do her engagement flowers was a ‘wonderland of colour’. Probably because they are both such lovely people and Brooke has such an amazing sense of style. It was a good thing that Brooke was on the same page when it came to the colour palette and had complete trust in what I chose which is any florist’s dream client. 

Because I was overseas I didn’t get the chance to do much planning with my flower buying. I knew what I had in mind but with the weather being so warm it was quite unpredictable what would still be available at the markets. That’s the great thing about following florists and growers on Instagram, even though I was out of the loop I could still keep an eye on what was coming in. 

Regardless, the alarm still went off at 3:45am on Friday ensuring I arrived at 4:45am to the markets to make sure I could secure the most beautiful local garden roses I could find as my hero flower. And I was pretty damn happy with my score. Bucket loads of them. You should have seen me trying to steer the temperamental trolley through the totally unpractical car park full of dips and crazed forklift drivers. If you needed a licence for pushing one of those I would have failed. 

Did I mention that my car handbrake completely snapped the night before? So I had to borrow my Mum’s hatchback and boy you’d be surprised by what you can fit in the back of a hatchback. I kept telling myself if there’s a will there’s a way! 

The next two days were filled with mad hatter flower arranging and just want to say a big thanks to my gal Aimee for being my flower assistant for the day. I think she now knows what I mean by being in the 'flower zone’ when arranging, especially when you haven’t had the chance to mock anything up prior.  

The engagement party was held at Manly Winesuites part of Manly Wine and had the most spectacular views. The arrangements were made up of lush greenery, cumquats, the most colourful garden roses you will ever see, delphinium, poppies, sweet pea, lemon lisianthus, frilled tulips and begonia.